I am excited to FINALLY be starting my blog all bout Spirit communication.
I’ve been working and in development with Spirit for 25 years now. My experience with Spirit has been incredible and I feel privileged to share and be involved with their positive and loving messages to so many people.  I hope that sharing Spirit’s infinite wisdom will provide many of you with comfort, knowledge and inspire you to continue the connection of Spirit’s love.  WE ALL CAN CONNECT WITH SPIRIT.
One of the most consistent messages that comes through for people that I work with is that Spirit continues to live and progress in a place of peace and harmony and that our “loved ones” want us to feel comforted by this.  Their Spirit is in a place where there is constant growth, healing and wisdom. They are not alone and are with “loved ones” that have passed before them.
What surprises many people is that the connections we had here with family, friends, and those that perhaps you didn’t get along with, still can make their presence known in a reading.  Why?… The simple answer is because “they can”.  What I have learned from Spirit is that there are many reasons why the “unexpected one” comes through.  Perhaps they need to make amends, have closure, or just simply want to say “I love you”.
We are all on a journey that never ends.  It does continue in the Spirit World and Spirit is eager to share their journey and the incredible insights they continue to learn along the way.
I look forward to your comments and questions.